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How To Increase Your Engagement On LinkedIn Business Page?

A LinkedIn business page is a page that gives information about your business, new updates, products and services rendered, operations of your business its team to the public. It helps in creating branding awareness to viable costumers.

Creating a business LinkedIn page is an effective way to utilize the LinkedIn. It gives room and time to meet people and turn them into reliable costumers.

Some identified steps to increasing your LinkedIn business page are discussed below:

Make use of sponsored posts:

Relevant post should be posted on your LinkedIn business page or the running of Ads to create more awareness to the general public.

Motivate your team to engage with your page:

Its is very viral that you share your LinkedIn business page with your team so they can share to within their own network. So motivate them to do so, as it helps your business get spread to potential consumers and business partners. The more your LinkedIn business is shared the more chances of it growth.

Post valuable content:

Content with good and relevant information should be posted on your page . Posting valuable content makes your costumers have good thoughts of your brand. And will associate with your business.
Some valuable content can be:

  1. Good video content.
  2. Some previous questions and answer sections.
  3. Sharing blogs from you page.

An enticing “About us” should be used

While revealing things about your business to the audience you should apply some enticing information that enables the public have good image about your business. Your “About us” tells the public about the activities of the business its operations and all necessary information you are willing to share.

Be part of LinkedIn group.

Make use of other LinkedIn groups will enable you connect with other people with the same idea and interest.


It will be nice and thoughtful if you take time to respond to comments and suggestions from the audience . So you get to know what needs to be improved or what should be removed.


LinkedIn business page is of great help as its gives or create an awareness to the general public about your business and also help you connect with people with similar interest.
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Guides On How To Create A Business Instagram Page

Instagram is a social media platform with a very high level of influence . Its gives one the privilege to connect with people from different part of the world. Its has enormous interesting feature which includes entertainment, news, and many more.

Well it’s also can be used to promote business brands using a business page. This articles gives guide on how to create an Instagram business page. The procedures are:

Download The Instagram App

Before creating an account, you should download it from Google Playstore for Android phones, App Store for IPhones and Windows for Laptops. After downloading you can proceed to creating an account.

Sign Up Or Create Account

Open the app and sign up following all instructions and giving the right details required from you.

Turn To A Business Acount

When logged on the app go to settings icon > click to turn to a business account > sign up your business profile (choose business category, link your Instagram page to a Facebook page) > review your business’s contact information (email, phone number and address) > tap done.


Generating an Instagram business page is vital for promoting your business brands , with this few steps its easy to generate one.

Guess you find this article helpful, if you need assistance with your social media platforms you can contact us following the link. Thanks

Why You Should Apply For Social Media Ads

Social media have been of great importance and influence in this current era. With its effect in our lives we can now reach out to several millions of people through it. The introduction of Ads to social media as enabled business in several ways to reach some great height. Social media Ads are of high necessity to small or growing businesses cause it makes producers have some great benefits.

Reasons on why its important to adopt a social media Ads

Social Media Ads


1. Educate consumers:

Many at times consumers are ignorant of the kind of goods available for their consumption and use, which is as a result of lack of information. Social media Ads makes educating and passing of information to consumers simple and easy as most consumers are frequently on social media platforms.

Evidently the social media has taken over the world and its people, getting to teach and guide people can be easily done on social media. Potential consumers are educated about the usage and application also the benefits of the products.

2. It creates awareness to the general public:

With the influence of the media, people get to know about the existence of certain products through Ads while online . Its easier to generate awareness to potential customer through Ads from the social media. There are over millions of customers online who come across Ads.

3. Its less expensive:

Advertising on social media is not as expensive when compared to other means of advertising and also have great hedge over them as it have several millions of potential customer who are online to see them.
Ads is easy and very affordable.

4. Makes more sales:

Ads enable products get very high sales. Ads gives every potential consumer an enticing image of the product with just a glance and is convenient.

5. Drives Business growth:

Ads enables the growth of very business as it exposes the business brand to its several millions of potential consumers. Every small business engaged in social media Ads are likely to reach great height within the shortest period of time.


The impact of social media Ads cannot be argued, the media is gradually taken over the world and its necessary for business organizations to adopt it as a means of creating awareness of their products to the general public.
Its even cheaper, easier and convenient using social media Ads to promote small business.

How To Your WhatsApp Account To Your Facebook Page

WhatsApp has been a great social media platform that gives people the opportunity to message, text ,video call, voice call people who are in your contact list or have yours. WhatsApp makes it easier to reach out to loves ones, business partners, friends,spouse.

With the arising needs for friends on Facebook to reach out to you , its now possible to link your Business WhatsApp to your Facebook page.

Some guides on how to link your WhatsApp to your Facebook page are short listed below;

With an already existing Facebook page

Go to, login, and navigate to your Facebook page.

Go to settings

Navigate to settings, look at the left sidebar, below you’ll see a ‘WhatsApp’ tab, click on it.

Connect your WhatsApp account

Input your country postal code, Enter your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business number, then check your WhatsApp messages for a confirmation code. Input code and click ‘Confirm’.


Linking up your WhatsApp and Facebook page makes its easier connect friends and also ads from WhatsApp on your Facebook page. Also in getting a large audience from Facebook to your WhatsApp.

Guess you find this helpful and meaningful. Leave questions on comment sections if you there is anything you do not understand.

Tips On Creating A Twitter Business Account

Twitter a very popular social media with mass room for meeting up people of great personality also assist in growing ones business, advertising, marketing and passing informations, also used as a means of campaigning. Here in this articles some tips on how to create a Twitter business account will be discussed.

Create a Twitter account

Twitter Business Account

Search and sign up following all instructions with the right details required from you.

Share your business profile details

Attach your profile image, header, website link, and biography. Upload an enticing and concise biography stating the advantages and benefits of your services

Also, the recommended image size for your profile pic is 400×400 pixels while the prescribed size for a Twitter header image is 1500×500 pixels.

Pin a tweet

Leave a relevant Tweet at the top of your timeline (TL). People get to see the tweet pinned
To pin a tweet, tap on the ‘more’ option of the Tweet you want to appear on top of your timeline and select ‘pin to your profile page’.

Connect with others

You can then add up people you are familiar to and also people with the same business ideas and interest. It makes communication better while you connect with people


Twitter gives every business person the opportunity to come in contact with people who have same business interest . Its helps one grow his business faster .

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Becoming a Brand Ambassador: What it Entails

It is wise that you have ample knowledge of who a brand ambassador is, what the jobs of a brand ambassador are, and what to expect from your brand’s audience, before agreeing to being a brand ambassador for that brand that you love.  

In this article, we will talk about some things you should know before saying yes to an ambassadorial deal.  

Shall we dive in? I picture you say, “yes, we shall”.  

Who Is A Brand Ambassador?

How To Become A Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is one who represents a brand; one who embodies the brand or identify of an organization in positive light, in order to draw more customers to that brand or organization.  

The brand ambassador could be a celebrity, or just an everyday person who is able to bring the brand to the eyes of the public, with their influence (and of course, without much difficulties.)  

Most companies engage social media influencers and celebrities, who have large audiences, so that their products or services are easily brought to a newer audience. A few organizations however, represent their own brands by themselves. 

A brand ambassador is someone who knows the values and ethics of an organization, and who stands as a positive spokesman for what the brand represents and offers to the public. He is a mediator between a company and its customers. He is the go-to, whenever customers or even potential customers have questions surrounding the brand.  

Roles Of A Brand Ambassador

How To Become A Brand Ambassador

The roles of a brand ambassador may seem too much for someone who does not have much audience. But it is quite easy when the situation is the opposite, and when you love that brand. Let us now look at them; 

  • A brand ambassador represents a brand;
  • Promotes the brand,
  • Maintains good communication with customers of the brand,
  • Is the key salesperson for a product or service from the brand
  • Assists in creating content for the brand
  • Provides feedback on new products or services for the brand, as it relates to the customers
  • Participates in promotional events, as it relates to the brand
  • Generates sales and leads for the brand 
  • Answers queries from customers of the brand
  • Acts and models for the brand

The above, are some roles of a brand ambassador.  

Some Characteristics Of A Brand Ambassador

How To Become A Brand Ambassador

To be able to influence people to come to like a brand that you are representing, it is imperative that you have some skills, to sharpen your endeavours.  

  • Good communication skills 
  • Good leadership skills 
  • Excellent marketing skills 
  • Ability to persuade people 
  • Trustworthiness 

And some others that you can name. Being a brand ambassador requires one to communicate with different kinds of people, and the above skills are of great importance to brand representatives.  

Next, will take a look at what to expect from your brand’s audience.  

The Audience And The Brand

How To Become A Brand Ambassador

We all know that there are different types of personalities across the world; some we have come to meet, some we will never see. But as a brand ambassador, it is your duty to be able to communicate with a majority of them, if not all types of people. And this is what brings us to this subheading

What To Expect From Your Audience, As A Brand Ambassador?

  • Before you are able to win someone over, it is not strange that such person does not like your brand. Such person may be ignorant of what your brand stands for, so it is your duty to understand their ignorance and win them over.
  • Expect ridiculous queries from customers. This is where your professionalism comes to play. Do not go into a war of words with customers.
  • Expect slanders. Yes, some customers who may be hard to please may have unpleasant things to say about your brand, even if you serve them adequately. Professionalism again, should not elude you. 
  • Expect impatience from customers. Some customers are hasty, and would waste no time leaving your tent if you do not respond to their needs as soon as they relate them to you. You need communication skills, here. This also tells you to attend to customer’s queries faster.  

There are so many things to expect from your audience, as humans are quite unpredictable. But great skills towards unfavourable responses, could make for more promotion.  

Being a brand ambassador can be a great task for some people. It can also be nothing much for others. But it is only for an organization to be promoted. Here’s how you can be a brand ambassador. 

How To Become A Brand Ambassador?

  • Get the right skills.
  • Showcase your skills.
  • Sign an ambassadorial deal.
  • Implement those skills for the brand you’re working with. 

Viola, you are a brand ambassador.  

Not quite long the read, but I hope it was worth it. Have any questions? I’d be more than willing to indulge you.  

Till we meet, to read again.  

How To Recover Banned Or Disable Instagram Account

Personally, I believe Instagram doesn’t just ban or disable an account for no reason at all, you may just be unconscious of the rule you violated.

Spamming, being dormant, aggressive activities, publishing copyrighted information without permission, buying followers, comments, likes, and views, and so on can all result in an Instagram account getting disabled or banned. 

Good thing is, for whatever reasons, there is a good chance you can reclaim your Instagram account if it was recently restricted or disabled. Simply continue reading to learn about some strategies for reclaiming your Instagram account!.

How To Recover A Banned Or Disabled Instagram Account

Disabling Your Instagram Account

  1. Go to the Instagram site or app, and click the ‘Get help signing in’ option on the Instagram Login. 
  2. On the following page, type your username. If you’ve changed your username, phone number, phone number, or email address multiple times, you might have issues with this step
  3. If you follow the following two procedures, Instagram will email you the recovery code. Follow the instructions in the email carefully. 
  4. After that, Instagram will send you a link to change your password. 


Unbanning Your Instagram Account

  1. Request Instagram formally
  2. Give your Instagram account a break
  3. Message Instagram. 

Preventing Your Instagram Account From Getting Banned Or Disabled

  1. Keep posting your content on Instagram with a proper hashtag. 
  2. Never use banned hashtags on your instagram post. Search on the internet for the list of banned hashtag. And follow the guidelines. 
  3. Never use bots in instagram that posts, follow, unfollow very frequently, because that violates the guidelines of instagram. 
  4. Don’t mass follow and like
  5. Don’t post images or videos that break social network rules
  6. Fill out your instagram profile
  7. Post frequently
  8. Put in mind copyright infringement
  9. Set up a 2 factor account authentication.
  10. Be careful with the apps that you use that connects to your instagram


There is a BUT, there’s no way to recover your account if you or someone else with your password erased it. You may be able to register a new account using the same address as before, but you may not be able to use the same username. 

Overall, I hope this information assists you in breaking through the instagram barrier. Just remember to keep your actions to a minimum. Bulk actions, such as too many follow/unfollow in a single stance, can lead to your instagram account being banned or disabled.