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Guides On How To Create A Business Instagram Page

Instagram is a social media platform with a very high level of influence . Its gives one the privilege to connect with people from different part of the world. Its has enormous interesting feature which includes entertainment, news, and many more.

Well it’s also can be used to promote business brands using a business page. This articles gives guide on how to create an Instagram business page. The procedures are:

Download The Instagram App

Before creating an account, you should download it from Google Playstore for Android phones, App Store for IPhones and Windows for Laptops. After downloading you can proceed to creating an account.

Sign Up Or Create Account

Open the app and sign up following all instructions and giving the right details required from you.

Turn To A Business Acount

When logged on the app go to settings icon > click to turn to a business account > sign up your business profile (choose business category, link your Instagram page to a Facebook page) > review your business’s contact information (email, phone number and address) > tap done.


Generating an Instagram business page is vital for promoting your business brands , with this few steps its easy to generate one.

Guess you find this article helpful, if you need assistance with your social media platforms you can contact us following the link. Thanks

How To Recover Banned Or Disable Instagram Account

Personally, I believe Instagram doesn’t just ban or disable an account for no reason at all, you may just be unconscious of the rule you violated.

Spamming, being dormant, aggressive activities, publishing copyrighted information without permission, buying followers, comments, likes, and views, and so on can all result in an Instagram account getting disabled or banned. 

Good thing is, for whatever reasons, there is a good chance you can reclaim your Instagram account if it was recently restricted or disabled. Simply continue reading to learn about some strategies for reclaiming your Instagram account!.

How To Recover A Banned Or Disabled Instagram Account

Disabling Your Instagram Account

  1. Go to the Instagram site or app, and click the ‘Get help signing in’ option on the Instagram Login. 
  2. On the following page, type your username. If you’ve changed your username, phone number, phone number, or email address multiple times, you might have issues with this step
  3. If you follow the following two procedures, Instagram will email you the recovery code. Follow the instructions in the email carefully. 
  4. After that, Instagram will send you a link to change your password. 


Unbanning Your Instagram Account

  1. Request Instagram formally
  2. Give your Instagram account a break
  3. Message Instagram. 

Preventing Your Instagram Account From Getting Banned Or Disabled

  1. Keep posting your content on Instagram with a proper hashtag. 
  2. Never use banned hashtags on your instagram post. Search on the internet for the list of banned hashtag. And follow the guidelines. 
  3. Never use bots in instagram that posts, follow, unfollow very frequently, because that violates the guidelines of instagram. 
  4. Don’t mass follow and like
  5. Don’t post images or videos that break social network rules
  6. Fill out your instagram profile
  7. Post frequently
  8. Put in mind copyright infringement
  9. Set up a 2 factor account authentication.
  10. Be careful with the apps that you use that connects to your instagram


There is a BUT, there’s no way to recover your account if you or someone else with your password erased it. You may be able to register a new account using the same address as before, but you may not be able to use the same username. 

Overall, I hope this information assists you in breaking through the instagram barrier. Just remember to keep your actions to a minimum. Bulk actions, such as too many follow/unfollow in a single stance, can lead to your instagram account being banned or disabled.