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Result - Driven Website

You need the perfect website that drives positive results.

We take your website through different procedures to ensure that we deliver a highly-convertible website. From competition analysis and strategy, to design, development and implementation, HARNIX TECH’s creative team will provide you with a professional website.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

You tell us your website goals, and HARNIX TECH will help you achieve it.

A portfolio website to help build professionalism

Do you need to showcase your works and let your client perceive you as a professional in your industry???, then having a portfolio website will be highly profitable for you. Get your business clients to know you better and maximize your chances of getting more business deals/sales by owing a portfolio website today. Work With HARNIX TECH

A beautiful e-commerce website that helps generate sales

Looking to sell your products online? Well, you are in the right spot! With over 4 years experience crafting beautiful online stores on WooCommerce. HARNIX TECH is your number 1 partner for eCommerce success.

A marketing website that attracts, engages and converts visitors

A common mistake made by a lot of businesses… they spend their money on ads to a website that wasn’t built to convert, which results to a loss of both time and money, leaving the business owners frustrated. From great website copy down to retargeting your customers, we help you build an income-generating website.

A blog website that generates tons of traffic.

Whether you choose to write about finance, travels, lifestyle, fashion, beauty tips, politics, a well-structured blog website can help you generate tons of income for your brand. in today’s world people are cashing out big from blog websites, whether through sponsored post advert, or banner size advert, lot of people are generating millions by just advertising people’s businesses on their blog website. Let HRNIX TECH help you setup an seo-optimized blog today.

Our Process

A growth-driven approach to website design

Step 1 – Web Strategy

We start by understanding your business – your brand, your history, your unique selling points, and of course, your goals. We review your existing website (if you have one), and then familiarize ourselves with your industry to understand best practices. Finally, we come up with a plan for the website – the architecture, wireframes, and content.

Step 2 – Design

The brain processes images faster than words. So when designing, we create the right combination of images, colours, fonts, space, and calls-to-action to attract and connect with your audience. This ensures that visitors flow through the website, consume content, build trust, and intuitively take the required action.

Step 3 – Development

Once we have nailed the design, we move on to the development phase where we build the website theme, add your content, and ensure everything works perfectly. In addition to this, if required, we handle complex integrations involving APIs, portals and CRMs.

The 1-Page Marketing Plan
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The 1-Page Marketing Plan

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What You Should Expect

You Get a Beautiful, Data-Driven Website That’s Fast, Responsive & Attract Leads

Mobile Responsive

Your website will be built in a way that it looks nice on all devices(smartphones, tablets, laptops). this will help boost your customers user experience.


A website which is not seo-optimized can't boost sales for you, because no one will be able to find you. this is why we ensure that we optimize your website so your customers can find you online.

Speed Optimization

A slow website will result to loss of countless opportunities. we ensure we deliver your website loading fast and clean. Work with HARNIX TECH.

Optimized for Conversions

A nice-looking websites is great, but you know what’s much better? A nice-looking website that generates website visitors, which in return generates sales and business leads.

Backed by Data & Research

Your website strategy won’t be based on myths. It will be based on actual facts, industry research, and validated strategies that works.

Built with World-Class Tools

In order to deliver the best website, we have got to use the best tools available at our disposal – WordPress, Google Analytics, and many more – to deliver 100% results your business needs.

Our Website Projects

We Love What We Do, Check Our Some Of Our Projects

Gulpmatrix Blog
PrintBuka E-commerce Website

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