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Victory Elozino

Victory Elozino

Content Writing
SEO Content Writer

Career Guidelines:

Victory Elozino is a certified SEO Specialist and Content Writer, who handles the role of the Lead SEO Content Writer at Harnix Tech. She has worked with a few clients since her certification into the SEO career, by offering Local SEO services, and SEO consultations. Victory is very available to work, always ready to learn and try out new things, as it relates her job. She is also a poet, a story writer and a dancer. Whenever she is not performing an SEO task, she is either writing, reading or dancing to a song she loves.

Personal Experience

Victory Elozino joined Harnix Tech in the month of May, 2022, and has loved the company since she became a part of them. She found the work environment peaceful, and welcoming. Not only does she work effectively there, she also gains new knowledge from her colleagues and boss.

What’s Your Role At Harnix Tech And What Does It Entails???

I’m the lead SEO Content Writer. I’ve helped the brand rank for keywords, due to my writing prowess. I’ve also made sure to keep the blog articles of the brand well optimized, so as to facilitate for good user experience on the brand’s site. The reason I’m able to do these quite efficiently, because i understands the brand’s target audience, and do my in-depth keyword research, so that i can satisfy the audience.

Within four months of working with the company, I’ve earned a promotion to Lead SEO Content Writer, and i aim to do even better than i did as a junior content writer.

Victory also contributes her cents to the improvement of the optimization of the brand’s site.

Professional Skills:

  1. Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Content Writing.