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Ways To Surprise And Make Your Customers Happy

Surprising and making customers happy keeps you ahead of the business game. How you surprise and make customers happy matters in the growth of a business.

Some guidelines on efficient methods on surprising and making customers happy.

Avail Yourself, Listen And Show Concern

Customers get attached to caring business owner , who often gives them the privilege to air their opinion and also show concern about their complaints. This gives them an edge over other competitors lacking this tribute.

It’s a thing of priority when customers interest a handled with great care,as it gives them the a sense of belonging and respect to such business.

Availability to customers shows the level at which there are cared about. Availing yourself to customers gives the business the opportunity to get an insight on what the customers feels would be best.

Follow Up And Implement Customer Feedback

As a business with the desire to maintain it customers a positive and rapid response to customers suggestions is of importance to the sustenance of the customers.

It’s expected of any business to have a team responsible for handling feedback from customers which will make room for quicker implementations. Attending to customers feedback show respect and motivates them to stick to the business.

How Your Customers Want To Interact With You Should Be Considered

Making customers comfortable with dealing with you depends on how you relate and communicate with them.
Give a listening ear on how they would love to reach out to you via any means convenient to them.

The more communication you get with your customers the more level of growth the firm attains, so never be frightened to interact with them, as it will enable them express their needs and how you can improve your business.
A direct or real interaction should be made for the customers rather than someone reading out a script when called.
Try fastest means of response to the calls ,complaints and suggestions .A team can be assigned for it.

Tip: Ensure to get a feedback after interacting with a customer. This will help you improve further interaction and tweak your customer support strategies for future leads and customers.

Don’t Just Appreciate By Saying But By Showing

Mere words aren’t enough to keep and maintain customers but some form of gratitude would go a long way to sustaining your customers.

For clients who’ve been with you from the start:

  1. Send cakes to them on their birthdays
  2. Give them gifts
  3. Get them tickets to an event or show
  4. Invite them over for Lunch

Also giving them items that will be valued by them and will serve them for a long period of time.

Give Customers A Reason To Partner With You

Some bonuses can be awarded to them on bases of referral programs to encourage them , continue dealing with your business.

Making them ambassador of your business, so as to motivate them and also expand your business by bringing customers from their network. Seek better methods of rewarding your loyal customers by giving them some discount, privileges.

Avoid These Customer Past Mistakes

Always consider their experiences before surprising them. Certain things should be avoided like:

  1. Continuously receiving a particular feedback with any effort in rectifying it.
  2. Not been acquainted with your business products.
  3. Taking longer time to address them.
  4. Not fulfilling promises.
  5. Negative/rude comment.

Concise Notes On The Importance Of Building Customer Relationships

A good strategy will help you build a strong relationship with your customer. below are some more extra added strategies;

  1. Make them aware that they are a part of your company culture.
  2. Make your products easy for them to use and access.
  3. Accept your mistakes and provide proper solutions.


Surprising and making customers happy gives the business a long term relationship with them. And also encourages them to partner with your business continuously.