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Difference Between a Brand Influencer And a Brand Ambassador in Marketing

Market branding uses various means to reach out to audience. Over time Market branding have engaged Influencers and Ambassador for branding. The concepts of Influencer and Ambassador branding seems quite similar that people often mistake them to be the same.

The concepts of Influencer and Ambassador branding in the marketing sector has led to several questions popping up on what could be the difference between the concepts.

Well on this article I would be giving some difference between this two concepts.
Firstly let’s look at what this concepts means.

Influencer Branding

Brand Influencer

An influencer is person , with a great number of followers on social media platform that work with a company to help share the brands’ products in their social media handle so has to get their followers get to know about the brands products.

Influencer branding is a concept of engaging influencer to promote a brands products to their numerous followers so that the brand get to reach out to a target audience.

Ambassador Branding

Brand Ambassador

An Ambassador is a person who is engaged to represent a brand ,which is because of their fame and popularity , with the objective of increasing brand awareness through the influence.
Ambassador branding is a branding concepts that contract celebrities to represent and advertise the company, support the brand and get their followers to deal with the brand.
Having clarified what the concepts means let’s get down to the main subject of this article which is on the difference between the two concepts.

Difference Between Influencer Branding And Ambassador Branding

How To Become A Brand Ambassador

1) Contract duration

This is the time frame within which an influencer and am ambassador get to work with the brand, it varies from weeks, months and years.

Ambassadors branding works with the brand of a longer period of time when compared to that of an influencer. An ambassador branding may run up to years provided they are ready to continue partnering with the brand, whereas an influencer branding takes shorter time as the contract can be terminated once the targeted audience is reached. Its period of contact ranges from hours to few days.

2) Personal Effort

Here is another slight difference between the two concepts. While an influencer just advertise the brand by posting on his social media platform and after that no much effort are been put into it again.

Whereas an ambassador are conscious of their activities when on contract with the brand , personal effort are made to ensure that the brand get the kind of support and audience they target. An Ambassador goes an extra mile of advertising the company brand; for instance they make use of the brands product on a daily base , speak positively about the brand.

3) Exclusivity

This is another clear difference between the two concepts. Influencer branding the individual can have multiple deals from the company’s competitors while still on contract with the brand. The branding does not restrict the influencer from sign deals from competitors.

Ambassador branding the deal with the company continues to exist only on the ground that their ambassador is not on other contract with competitors of the same niche. That is the ambassador can sign deals from companies not producing or not on the same kind of business.


In as much as this two branding methods can be very difficult in differentiating. This article reveals the difference that exists among them.

Influencer and Ambassador branding gives brand the targeted audience . Guess use find this article useful , drop comment,suggestions and questions in the comment section.