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Tips On Creating A Twitter Business Account

Twitter a very popular social media with mass room for meeting up people of great personality also assist in growing ones business, advertising, marketing and passing informations, also used as a means of campaigning. Here in this articles some tips on how to create a Twitter business account will be discussed.

Create a Twitter account

Twitter Business Account

Search and sign up following all instructions with the right details required from you.

Share your business profile details

Attach your profile image, header, website link, and biography. Upload an enticing and concise biography stating the advantages and benefits of your services

Also, the recommended image size for your profile pic is 400×400 pixels while the prescribed size for a Twitter header image is 1500×500 pixels.

Pin a tweet

Leave a relevant Tweet at the top of your timeline (TL). People get to see the tweet pinned
To pin a tweet, tap on the ‘more’ option of the Tweet you want to appear on top of your timeline and select ‘pin to your profile page’.

Connect with others

You can then add up people you are familiar to and also people with the same business ideas and interest. It makes communication better while you connect with people


Twitter gives every business person the opportunity to come in contact with people who have same business interest . Its helps one grow his business faster .

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